easyFeed is a smart feeding solution for your pet that is the first of its kind. It relieves you of having to worry about your pet’s meals while you’re at work, while still giving you control over every aspect of the feeding schedule. You can decide exactly how much to feed your precious pet from wherever you are, and also check in on it via the built-in webcam. The easyFeed mobile app also analyses and tracks your furry friend’s diet, ensuring that it’s getting all the nutrients it needs.



Dimension: 408 x 468 x 439mm

Weight: 6.5kg

Suitable for all cats and dogs

Electronic food (Dry) & water dispenser 

720p Webcam, Mic, Speaker

LED Panel Display (Wifi, low water, food tray & food storage weight)

Water sensor for auto-refill of water in tray​, Weight sensor on food tray, Weight sensor on food storage container

Volume of Water Tank: 6L

Volume of Food Tank: 18-20 Cups / 2.5kg

Water Tray : 0.8L

Food Tray : 3-4 cups

AC Adapter with Input: AC100V - 240V 

4 C Cell backup battery (batteries not included)

Material: ABS

Feeder Mechanism 5000 cycles

Buttons 6000 cycles

Managed by gosh! easyFeed App:

- iOS 7.0 and above

- Android 4.4 and above

- Daily feeding info on homepage
- Remote feeding
- Remote call out to pet
- Track Feeding history- Daily, Weekly and Monthly
- Webcam with two-way mic
- Capture photos and videos
- Social media sharing
- Edit Pet Profile
- Edit Wifi settings
- Notifications settings
- Account settings
- Voice record settings
- Health Analyzer (calories)
- Automatic Amazon Delivery
- Pair mutiple pets (easyFeed machines) to 1 account



$ 249.00