TOYS - The Foobler® Bluetooth

The Foobler® Bluetooth is a newest edition of Foobler that allows you to design a fully customizable feeding schedule for your dog via your smartphone! You can schedule precise timings for feeding, or 1-99min fixed time intervals between feeds. What's more? You can even monitor your pet's play time in the App to gain insights to their needs and behavior. With flexible control of feeding timings, you can use the Foobler® Bluetooth to teach your dog the right way to use the Foobler® Bluetooth!



- Bluetooth enabled; Dispense pod remotely using APP

- 3 Feeding timer Modes: 6 Specific timings, fixed intervals (1-99min) or random intervals

- Pair 2 or more Fooblers to a phone

- Track activity level of your pet

- Hold 2 cups of food

- 4 different bell sounds to alert dog

- Removable hard-shelled battery (2XAA) & motor drive compartment

- Dishwater-safe


Check out for tons of Foobler Videos!


*Note: Foobler Bluetooth is currently not compatible with iPhone 7. The next version with iPhone 7 compatibility will be launched soon!



$ 69.00