Smart Travel - Dripo


Dripo is a 3-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker that brings a fresh and easier way for you to make and enjoy your own ice drip coffee anywhere.  It has a compact size, 75% smaller compare to traditional dutch iced-drip coffee maker. Dripo extracts coffee with cold water dripping, at an average speed of 45 drops per minute. Comparing to brewing coffee with hot water, the coffee would taste sweeter due to its lower acidity, and less caffeine. As a result, iced-drip coffee is something healthier for your body, and tastes whole lot smoother and richer than hot brewed coffee. All materials on Dripo are BPA Free and meet all FDA Standards.



1/4 Size of Traditional Ice-drip Coffee Maker

Truly Portable and Easy to Use

Multi-Function. Drip, Brew, Use As a Tumbler

Easy Wash And Clean With Multiple Parts

BPA Free Material

12oz in 2.5 Hours Drip

Less Acidic, Less Bitter and More Aroma

More Balance Cup of Coffee With Increased Sweetness

Natural Original Flavor

Smooth and Rich Texture

Better for Digestive System

-  Stay Fresh for Up to 2 Weeks

-  Suitable for People Suffering from Acid Reflux, Heartburn And Other Temperamental Stomach Issues

$ 29.90