Progear - Progear IPX8 Waterproof Pouch

​The Gosh! Progear Waterproof Pouch is built with the highest IPX8 Waterproof Certification, which is able to withstand a tremendous 10-20m depth and continuous immersion for 0.5hrs. Using a specially-designed sliding system, the waterproof pouch can be smoothly detached from its armband at any time, and you can snap pictures underwater with clear access to your front & back phone camera. Progear Waterproof Pouch also contains integral air-sacs to keep your phone afloat if it is dropped into water. Lastly, you can even plug in to your favourite music underwater with its built-in waterproof audio jack!



Highest Waterproof IPX8 up to 20m with continuous immersion for 0.5 hrs

Elegant Pouch Slide-On Lycra Armband

Built-in Waterproof 3.5mm Audio Jack

Buoyancy Ready

Clear Access for both Front & Back Camera Function

$ 34.90